Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants, or establishments selling food and drink in order to make a profit, have been around for thousands of years. However, it was in France during the mid 18th century that the restaurant as we know it today was born.

The Appeal of Eating Out

Just about everyone likes a good meal out once in a while; to dine in a good restaurant is a pleasurable experience and for many people, it's a rare treat kept for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. And it isn't just the food, it is of course the entire experience, including the overall ambience and the service. Eating out is a chance to dress up, to impress that special someone, or to simply spoil yourself because you feel you need it. For many, one of the added appeals of dining out is the work that it saves - not having to buy, prepare or cook the food and of course, not having to clear the table or do the dishes afterwards.

A Drink At the Bar

Just as popular is the idea of going out to the bar for a drink or two. In the UK, the pub has been a fixture of communities for centuries, and whether you are looking for bars in kingston, Manchester or Glasgow, there are thousands to choose from.

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Whether it's the pub in Britain, the café in France or the bar in the United States, it's more than a place to have a drink and a snack. The pub is a place to relax, to meet friends, to talk about the day's events; to many people, it's almost an extension of their sitting room.

Types Of Restaurants and Bars

Another appeal of going out to the restaurant or bar is that you can find the perfect place to match your budget, suit your mood and appeal to your personality. Pubs range from the traditional, with a quiet and relaxed feel, oak beams, a fireplace and hand pulled classic ales, to more modern and noisier places appealing to the young. Restaurants range from fast food types where you spend as little as possible, to fancy places where you can splurge on the meal of a lifetime. And today in the UK, you can sample every imaginable cuisine, not just Indian, Italian and Mexican. Today, there are also dozens of themed restaurants and bars across the UK, designed to make your evening out more memorable.